Bringing down the barriers in business

Some of the most successful and modern businesses invest into an open plan designed office space. This has also been made available via our offering, for small businesses, freelancers and start-ups. The space allows for both focused 'down-time' and the opportunity, should you seek it, to meet others. Without barriers opportunities will flourish.

An awesome place to work

Unique, quirky and refreshing are all words that have been used to describe The Workshop and its offices. A workplace that inspires businesses, your customers and of course YOU. The environment is one of creativity and the individuality of the building defines the ethos of the entrepreneurs inside.

Standing out from the crowd

Some say that business has only two real functions: marketing and innovation. Standing out from competitors is as much about image as it is about knowledge; where you are located, how you present your product or service, it all matters. The Workshop provides a quality setting to support your brand.

Moving to The Workshop has been one of the best decisions I have made since starting my business in 2014 Richard Piper
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